It is important for every person, especially individuals with families, to know what is going to happen to their children, spouse, and assets after they pass away.  It is just as important to avoid any unnecessary fees and taxes.  A consultation with an Indiana estate planning and probate attorney to review your current financial, familial, and health situation is the first step towards gaining clarity in understanding who will watch over your minor children, how you will be buried, and how your assets will be distributed after your passing.

I work together with you and your advisers and can provide the following services: 

  • Grantor Trusts
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
  • International Grantors (U.S. Non-Residents)
  • Trustee Service
  • Trust Bank Account Setup
  • U.S. Probate Proceedings
  • Estate Administration
  • Wills & Tax Planning
  • Powers of Attorney

and other techniques designed to effectuate your wishes while saving your heirs time and money.  I look at your long term care situation and advise you if a Medicaid Trust may be right for you.  I professionally and diligently execute the proper documents and advise you on how to notify executors, trustees, and potential legal guardians.

In estate tax planning and business succession planning for the larger estates, I effectively handle the transfer of wealth at discounted values through the use of trusts such as GRATS and QPRTS and the creation of family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, charitable foundations and sales to intentionally defective grantor trusts.  I can integrate all of these elements into a proper and efficient wealth transfer and business succession plan.


I offer a basic Will package which is affordable and has been created specifically to allow a person from any financial circumstance to draft and execute a valid Will drafted and created by an attorney.  The basic Will package only costs each client $300.00 for the complete drafting of the Will all the way through the execution of the document.  This process can be completed as quickly as within 1 day or you can take as much time as you like.

The Basic Will Package Provides:

  • 30 minute consultation with an attorney for estate planning;
  • Explanation of various legal concepts concerning Wills;
  • Complete drafting of a Will by an attorney;
  • Client review and approval of the Will;
  • In office execution of the Will which is done by an attorney and includes witnesses and witness affidavits;
  • You will leave that day with a fully valid and executed Indiana State will which has been executed according to all requirements and formalities of Indiana Law.

The Basic Will Process:

Step 1 - Call the office to discuss if the basic Will package is right for you;

Step 2 - Provide information to the attorney so he can email you the questionnaire;
(if you do not have email a questionnaire may be mailed to you)

Step 3 - Complete questionnaire and submit the document along with copy of identification back to the office;

Step 4 - Allow 1 to 2 business days for an attorney to draft your Will;

Step 5 - Review and approve your draft of the Will;

Step 6 - Set up appointment to come to office to execute Will;

Step 7 - Come to office and execute Will with attorney.

Step 8 - Leave office with executed Will and go home and put the Will in a safe place.

For a consultation, please contact me at (317) 886-1480.